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If you are a Nigerian living abroad, finding design and construction services offered by the right people, especially as you are far away from your home country, is a big challenge. This applies if you wish to build a home, renovate an existing one, or if you simply desire to invest in the real estate industry in Nigeria.

How do you find the real professionals? And if you’ve already employed the services of a building contractor, how do you know you’ve employed an authentic professional? How competent or savvy is the architect you’ve commissioned to design your structure?

How can you know that you haven’t fallen into the hands of charlatan designers and incompetent builders? How do you know that your investment is safe? And how do you know if the family member entrusted to oversee your design and construction project isn’t going to take you for a long ride?

These are some of the reasons why you may need our professional services…


Design and Construction Services – Nigerians Living Abroad


Who we are – A consortium of professionals where each group/team works in collaboration with each other in every aspect of services related to real estate, building design and construction, interior design, management of construction projects and facility management. We all work together towards achieving a chosen objective . . . Read more>>>

Our major services – The list below will give you a clear view of the design and build services we offer:


Our target market – Nigerians in the Diaspora desirous of:

  • Owning commercial or residential property in Nigeria by either building from scratch or buying off the market
  • Renovating old dilapidated buildings and transforming them into dream homes
  • Purchasing built-up properties and having their interiors tastefully designed and furnished
  • Obtaining the services of highly professional project managers for their ongoing building projects
  • Harnessing the real estate potentials in Nigeria


Our aim – To ensure that the home design and building experience for Nigerians in the Diaspora, whether for personal or commercial purposes; is a satisfying, pleasurable, lucrative, and fulfilling venture.

Right from the development of our design concepts, through obtaining the required building documents and implementation of construction works, to the handing over of keys, we have the creative talent, knowledge, originality and expertise, to give you the desired results you deserve for your investment in a stress and worry free manner.

It is imperative that you don’t leave your dreams of building a structure in your home country in the hands of charlatan contractors and quack builders; neither should you rely on friends or family to give you a professional service when it comes to design and construction services, especially as they know it’s hard for you to be around to observe works and its progress!


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