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Iyabo A. Smith is the principal designer and co-owner of Interior Concepts Ltd and Olfa-Debs Ltd. and has worked in the field of interior design and architecture for over thirty years.

She developed a passion for architectural design at a young age, and eventually studied interior design and interior architecture, first in London UK, and later transferred to Atlanta, Georgia, in the US.

Since 1985 when she co-founded, first Interior Concepts Limited and Olfa-Debs Limited five years later; she has provided commercial and residential design services to clients in major cities in Nigeria and in London, UK.

Her zeal for the creative and decorative arts as a young girl has translated into the type of work she delivers to her clients today.

She has a great appreciation for the arts, is extremely creative and is particular about attention to detail, and unique and quality designs for both modern design principles and traditional/cultural styles.

She designs because she enjoys the challenge of creating very special homes with amenities many don’t think of when solving both visual and spatial needs and is a strong advocate of the benefits of sustainable building/remodelling procedures for an ecofriendly living.

Iyabo and her professional team, coupled with strong relationships built with building material manufacturers, quality builders and craftsmen, will provide you with everything you’ll require for your real estate dream to become a reality.

So if you are looking for a fresh and creative building or remodelling ideas, and a very creative team to help you put them into a practical build-able plan, then she looks forward to meeting you!

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