Apartments for Sale in Nigeria

If you want to avoid the hassles of building construction and still desire living in a luxurious setting, then you need to take a look at these apartments and luxury homes up for sale in Lagos, Nigeria.

Today there are a good number of beautiful apartments for sale in Nigeria, and the numbers are rising. From high-rise luxury condos and flats to terraces and maisonettes, there is always one you’ll find to your satisfaction if you fall under the group of those who’d rather buy the ‘finished product’ than having to build from scratch.

So, are you desirous of owning residential (or commercial) property in Nigeria? And if you are, which city will you rather place your real estate invest in?

If you desire property in Lagos, Abuja, or any of the major cities in Nigeria, then this is for you.

Types of homes and apartments for sale in Nigeria include the following:

  • Studio apartments
  • 1, 2, 3, and 4 bedroom flats
  • Condominiums
  • Maisonettes
  • Penthouses
  • Terrace homes
  • Detached and semi-detached houses
  • Townhouses

While some of the properties are for let or lease, most are for sale.

Virgin land is also available for sale if you’ll design and build your home from scratch. Many are sited in high-brow and semi-high brow areas and possess great financial potentials to increase in value year after year.


Plan to Invest in Real Estate Instead?


We can also help you find your ideal real estate property if you are planning on investing in Nigeria and its rapidly growing real estate industry. We will continue to feature a wide range of prestigious residential abodes, and with a good knowledge of the property market in Nigeria, we can help you visit and buy your dream property if you so desire.

And as designers and decorators, if you purchase any property, we can design it’s interior with the best creative standards, furnishing it accordingly if you so desire. (Interior design service charges apply).

We know that purchasing land to build from scratch is a popular choice, but things are changing. Why go through the stress and rigours of building construction when you can just purchase ready-made homes? This is not to say that both options aren’t equally sound investments of course!

However, as mentioned earlier, if you want to avoid the hassles of construction and still desire to live in a luxurious setting, then you need to take a look at these properties up for sale.


luxury homes for sale


Apartments for Sale in Nigeria as at February 2015


These luxury dream properties are filled with efficient, functional and great amenities, and will fit perfectly into the kind of lifestyle you’ll desire in Nigeria.

Many residences and estates come with swimming pools, Jacuzzi(s), lighted lawn tennis courts, gymnasiums, twenty-four hour electricity, tight security services, domestic help quarters, water treatment plants, etc…


Parkview Estate

  1. Luxury 3 b/r apartments with pool, gymnasium, silent generator – Price N85m
  2. Eight units of 4 b/r townhouses – Price N120m per unit
  3. Luxury 5 b/r detached home with pool, penthouse, and house-keepers quarters – Price N180m 

Old Ikoyi

  1. Newly constructed 5 b/r terrace houses with full amenities – Price N160m per unit
  2. Seven units of 3 b/r terrace homes with gym and generator – Price N200m per unit
  3. Newly built 5 b/r detached home on 310sqm of land – Price N200m
  4. Fourteen units of 3 b/r apartments with gym, pool, and generator. Bourdillon Rd.  – Price N2B for all 
  5. Twenty-two units of 3 b/r flats AND 3 b/r maisonettes with pool, gymnasium, and generator. All rooms fitted with A/C’s. On 4000sqm of land – Price N3B for all
  6. Plot of land measuring 3000sqm on Osbourne Rd. – Price N500m
  7. Plot of land measuring 3600sqm on Glover Rd. – Price N950m

Banana Island

  1. Luxury 4 b/r townhouse off Road 201 – Price N180m

Lekki Peninsula

  1. Thirty-three units of semi-detached houses, terraces and flats in Alexander Estate. Includes gymnasium, CCTV’s, and generator – Prices from N33m per unit   
  2. Six units of detached duplexes in Crown Estate – Price N49m per unit
  3. 3 b/r flats of Fola Osibo Street – Price N53m
  4. 4 b/r semi-detached home with housekeeper’s quarters – Price N90m


  1. Ten units of 2 b/r bungalows at Gbazango Layout in Kubwa – Price N84m
  2. 5 b/r duplex AND 2 b/r bungalow with 3 room housekeeper’s quarters and three garages on 1700sqm of land – Price N400m
  3. Land measuring 2000sqm in Asokoro new Extension – Price N250m


Our ‘For Sale’ List – Working On Behalf of Estate Agencies


We are not estate agents, but assist and work on their behalf in promoting their properties to a wider audience, not only to those who live in Nigeria, but for Nigerians living abroad.


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