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Building plans are drawings (blueprints) that can be referred to as documents required before you can erect and building structure. Without these blueprints which must also be approved by relevant government authorities, you can’t build a home . . . because having a set of architectural drawings is an integral part of any building process.

Problem is that getting your home professionally designed never comes cheap and it doesn’t stop at an architect’s table!

To get a complete set of blueprints which comprise of floor plans, elevations and sectional drawings, structural plans, M & E (mechanical and electrical) plans, and cost estimates can become quite costly since good professional services hardly come cheap!

So imagine having to pay for the three different providers – architect, structural engineer, mechanical and electrical engineer, and a cost estimator. Charges constitute quite a chunk of your building design and construction budget.

architectural building plans

Modern 4 Bedroom House Plan (Modern Architecture)

Save on Professional Fees – Buy Building Plans On-line


Today, being the 21st century, things have changed and they continue to change rapidly. Now, you can buy complete sets of building plans online and these are drawings made by architects and engineers of repute who now sell their designs as stock plans on the web.

There are hundreds of new house stock plans to choose from, all categorised based on architectural styles; from period structures to modern building designs, there is always a few that will strike your fancy.

building plans

4 Bedroom House Plan

From beautiful luxury designs to simple homes; down-sized homes for baby-boomers to designs for narrow plots of land, stock plan retailers choice of home designs are vast.

So, wherever you may be, anywhere in the world, you can purchase these complete sets of architectural drawing and have the structures built for you by local professional builders at a fraction of the cost you’ll need to pay your architect.

However, when construction commences, you’ll still require the services of a structural engineer to visit your building site occasionally. This is just to ensure that standards and specifications are being adhered to. It’s good to note that this is only relevant if you are erecting a storey building.

building plans
4 Bedroom Luxury Home Design

Customize Architectural Plans to Suit Your Needs


Say for instance you find a great design that you really love but it size is too large for the plot of land you intend to build on, the building plan can be customised to meet the size that best fits within your available land.

Retailers of these building plans have on-site architects and home design experts that will make almost any modification to any set of blueprints you intend to buy.

If You Still Can’t Decide…


It’s natural to find it difficult to make a choice sometimes, and we’ve all been there. Let’s say you have a hard time deciding between a few floor plans that you absolutely love, or, you would rather find out what cost estimates to expect. After all, you want to be prepared before investing in the purchase of a full set of building plans.

In that case what you can do is buy a planning set which can be purchased for a very small fee that is refundable when your preferred blueprints is finally chosen, however, this will be within a stipulated period of time.

You Also Get Building Cost Estimation


All blueprint packages can come with cost estimations if you so desire. They compute the total cost of construction using one of the most accurate cost estimating tools found on the building construction market.

The tool is great for either rough or exact cost estimates though it will always depend on you to input your choice of material. So if for example you wish to replace drywall with block wall, the estimator does all that work for you, cutting out a quantity surveyor’s expensive service! And whatever the actual labour cost for your specific locality is, once we supply them with those details, its calculated too.

Buying House Plans On-line is Fast, Easy, and Affordable


Purchasing floor plans on-line is not only affordable, it is quick and easy except for one thing . . . the choice is so vast you’ll probably get lost browsing for hours in admiration of the hundreds of unique house plans and designs available.

Future Source for Aspiring Home-owners


Buying new house floor plans on-line will become the only way in the future, and it’s much closer than we think.

As professional services become more out-of-reach for the average aspiring home-owner, people will realise that buying complete sets of architectural drawings on-line is the best. Why? Because you will never find such a vast range of house plans to choose from in any architect’s office off line, anywhere.

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