Building Design and Construction Process

Both the design and construction process being somewhat cumbersome is one of the reasons why many Nigerians are wary of building structures at home in their absence.

But it doesn’t have to be a problem as long as you employ the services of trusted professionals who not only wish to deliver a great job to their clients, but also know their reputation is at stake if they don’t.

The entire process is easy and fairly straightforward once every procedure is followed carefully and stage executed diligently.

To give you a clear understanding of the design and build process and its benefits, we must first mention that we can provide architectural and interior design services on a consultation basis, and building construction on a contractual basis.

Stage 1- The Design Process


This first stage is crucial in that there is a need to define, as clearly as is possible, a client’s requirements as well as identify problems the building design and construction project may encounter. It helps to separate the “wants and needs”.

What do our clients need to let us know at the initial stage?

  • The preferred architectural style
  • What the structure is needed for
  • Activities that will take place within the structure.
  • The kinds of spaces (interior and exterior) they desire
  • Their lifestyle
  • Function-oriented factors (for the physically challenged; space for live-in elderly relatives; home office, etc…)

Following this, the next step is to work out the general size, shape, and location of the major elements. Once we have answers for these issues plus more, we will be ready to begin the building design drawings.

Stage 2 – Finalizing the Building Design


Before we produce the final architectural blueprints for you and the relevant government approval authorities our client must be satisfied with the design concept.

During the design process we will produce one or two additional options which we will communicate to you electronically by email bearing drawing attachments in PDF format. We will also “meet and talk’ through video calling when the need arises.

The discussion and interaction is good in that it will help produce a different approach to the process and this helps our client feel more comfortable with the entire process. Much of the final design concept and theme will be worked out together during this process, which may be repeated over the course of a few weeks until both parties (designer and client) is satisfied with the final drawings.

There will also be discussions on material and finishes preferences . . .  types of doors and windows, floor and wall finishes, ceiling designs with well-placed lighting fixtures, interior construction, kitchen and wardrobe designs, etc…

Once the design and choice of materials is finally established, we will prepare building design and construction documents for use in obtaining proposals and quotes from builders, contractors, subcontractors, installers, etc…

Stage 3 – Obtaining Building Approvals


For an additional fee, we can secure government approvals from the relevant building departments on behalf of our clients’. These documents include blueprints of floor plans, elevations and sectional drawings, structural, electrical, and mechanical drawings. They will also include detailed specifications governing the required quality of design and construction of buildings.

Stage 4 – Building Construction Process


Building construction is not that hard as long as you understand the right steps involved and the right sequence to follow. Once this s understood, it is good to know that a successful construction process requires that you know not only the parts involved, but just as important is the steps to take . . . and in what order!

The following list outlines the typical steps taken by builders in the construction of a home. This list will help keep you abreast of what happens at each stage.

With us, you will get regular virtual walk-throughs to bring you up to speed on the progress of your work, even in your absence. That’s the beauty of technology.

  • Site reparation
  • Foundation
  • Complete shell of building including interior and exterior walls
  • Install roof beams and roofing sheets
  • Install rough plumbing, electrical conduit pipes, ventilation and A/C ducting
  • Render walls
  • Install door and window frames, interior trims, ceiling
  • Plumbing fixtures, electrical wiring,
  • External walkways and driveways
  • Install interior hard floors and countertops
  • Complete mechanical trims, install fixtures
  • Painting
  • Install light fixtures
  • Install mirrors, shower doors and finish flooring; finish exterior landscaping

Design and Construction – Budget


It’s good to have a clear understanding as to what the financial investment range will be from the onset, as it helps keep the design process on track with the investments that will be required for the project.

In order to avoid unexpected surprises after the design concept has been achieved and finalised, it is good to let us have an idea of the budget to be expended for construction, in order to get a good input regarding the overall cost. This kind of approach works best for ‘design and build’ turnkey projects

Costs of building construction are usually a thorny issue, because of various factors which may contribute to structural difficulties that may not be realised at the onset. Sometime as construction works progress, clients and even the architects/designers may desire to add another interesting touch or feature here or there.

So in order to prevent misunderstandings or unnecessary misinterpretations about the design/budget, we like to be clear and realistic as much as is possible from the start.

On a final note, when a building design and construction project is approached with professionalism, enthusiasm, confidence, creativity, teamwork, and realism, it should be a wonderful experience for both our clients and us.



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