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So, how important is interior design in any building project?

Well, when you walk into any building’s interior, the first impressions certainly matter a lot. The interior spaces must be functional, inviting; it must have a warm ambience, and most importantly, it must be aesthetically pleasing.

And knowing you most probably live in an environment where interior design is much more appreciated than the architectural (exterior) design, you definitely know what we mean.

As interior design professionals, we can make your interior a dream that will be a reflection of your lifestyle, be it that of luxury or simplicity. The designs we create for you will certainly be a true extension of you and your household’s standard of living, and in the case of a commercial project, that of your business too.


Working Together Through Digital Technology


Being abroad doesn’t mean we can’t work for you effectively. Technological advancement has taken care of that. Our interior design process starts with you filling out an online questionnaire (e-form) which we shall send to you. This feedback form helps us know you better and have a clear view of what you require. Through this form we will know your preferences and displeasure.

This e-form will tell us all we need to know about you and other members of your household. It will also help us identify the scope of your prospective interior design project.

You will find questions like . . .

“Do you have any preference for a particular style?”

“Would you like access from a particular room?”

“How often do you entertain?”

“Do you want an open floor plan or a traditionally divided floor plan?”

“Do you prefer a minimalist theme or some style more traditional?”

“Do you entertain formally or informally?”

. . . And so on.

The Interior Design Process


After we are satisfied with the information we need from you, we then proceed with the interior space planning using CAD software. If required, we will liaise with your architect and/or engineer to review electrical, communication, mechanical, lighting plans, etc…

We will research, select, and make recommendations for interior finishes, furniture, furnishings and the like. If you have existing interior elements you wish to keep, we will coordinate them with the new interior décor theme. All these shall be sent to you digitally, for your approval.

The next step is developing a schematic budget; we will continue to explore other price options if need be.


You Can Pay Merchants Directly for Your Goods


You may do purchases online for whatever we suggest if you wish. We know how this makes some clients a bit more comfortable and we are fine with it.

What we will do is let you know the items we propose and also give you details of their online store. You will then pay them directly and the goods shipped to us for necessary placements. You are happy and we are happy too.

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Our interior design service is also meant to help you sort out the ‘kinks’ and work out those seemingly endless decisions you need to make when planning your interior décor. This is so vital as well because the perfect interior design must not only be functional and efficient; it must also be visually pleasing and it must present a hospitable and inviting ambience to visitors.

After it’s all said and done, when you are finally convinced; relevant fees paid, and you can’t wait to get your project on-the-way, we can commence. We will constantly update you through virtual tours, walking you through the interior and showing your work in progress. You ‘see’ it being executed, even though you may be thousands of miles away.


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