Project Management and Administration Services

Project management duties go beyond mere supervision of any project. It’s not a case of putting someone there to oversee your building venture while construction is on-going.  And if anyone tells you that there is some great project management software that can do the job of managing and administrating a project, ask if it will deliver a project on time and on budget all by itself.

If you plan to commence a building construction project, for it to turn out successfully, you’ll require project management and administration services carried out by professionals.

Any project is bound to be a success if it is professionally managed from inception to completion and this is an area where we can be of service to you.

A building construction task that constantly develops hitches, setbacks, and unnecessary delays during progress of works (except for reasons of finance on the part of the client) is certainly not professionally managed.

project management

Our Project Management Duties


We strongly believe this is an aspect of design and build that must never be overlooked. On our part, as project managers and administrators, our services include planning, execution and managing all people involved in the project, including managing resources and keeping within budget.

It is also our duty to create clear and attainable objectives while guaranteeing constant monitoring and control of project variables.

Overall, our role as your project manager is not only to ensure that your project is finished on time and on budget, but completed successfully with barely any hitch.

Our duties include but are not limited to:

  • Planning and defining scope of the project
  • Activity Planning and Sequencing
  • Resource Planning
  • Developing charts of work schedule for the duration of the project
  • Time Estimating
  • Cost Estimating
  • Developing a Budget
  • Quality control
  • Risk management and resolution of issues
  • Documentation
  • Team leadership
  • Customer liaison



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