Why Nigerians Abroad Desire Property in Nigeria

There are many reasons why Nigerians living abroad may want to build a residential or commercial building in their home-country.

  • There may be the need for a home-away-from-home, a beautiful and efficient home to live in comfort and style, whilst visiting.
  • Some need a nice, small but elegant house where their ageing parents’ or extended family members can reside in comfort.
  • As an investment in Nigeria’s housing sector, or other commercial real estate ventures, like designing and constructing offices, hotels, motels, shopping malls, schools, environmentally friendly educational institutions in remote towns and villages, etc.., can be built and rented/leased out, and subsequently provide a tidy sum of returns that will accrue from such real estate investments in their home country.
  • Having a comfortable flat/home to stay for extended periods of time (for example, a year or more), or sabbaticals. The will be no more stress about difficult landlords, friends or family, or having to “manage” not-so-pleasing neighbourhoods.

An average Nigerian knows the significance of having their dream home. It could be an opulent edifice, or a simple two bedroom split-level structure with a small vegetable patch. Whatever the architectural style, size or structure may be, and wherever the neighbourhood may be located, most believe that next to having a family, owning their own real estate or property, is the next important feat they must accomplish.

Unfortunately, in most cases, achieving this feat poses a serious challenge, just because for the most unnecessary reasons, the cost of design and construction is way beyond the reach of most Nigerians.

The good thing today is that with the advancement of technology, and the availability of eco-friendly building materials and energy suppliers, there are many ways to construct efficiently and afford-ably. Plus with the growing trend of building eco-friendly structures, more and more individuals should have the opportunity to build their own homes.


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